Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 is so last year.

Happy Happy Happy New Year!

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - dont' worry be happy)
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bagong kasabihan daw.

I got this from a friendster bulletin. Wala lang, I find it funny.

1. Ang buhay ay parang bato, it’s hard.
2. Better late than pregnant.
3. Behind the clouds are the other clouds.
4. It’s better to cheat than to repeat!
5. Do unto others … then run!!!
6. Kapag puno na ang salop, kumuha na ng ibang salop.
7. Magbiro ka na sa lasing, magbiro ka na sa bagong gising, huwag lang sa lasing na bagong gising.
8. When all else fails, follow instructions.
9. Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, lumaki sa ibang bansa.
10. To err is human, to errs is humans.
11. Ang taong nagigipit … sa bumbay kumakapit
12. Pag may usok … may nag-iihaw
13. Ang taong naglalakad nang matulin … may utang.
14. No guts, no glory… no ID, no entry.
15. Birds of the same feather that prays together … stays together.
16. Kapag may sinuksok at walang madukot, may nandukot.
17. Walang matigas na tinapay sa gutom na tao.
18. Ang taong di marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan …. ay may stiff neck.
19. Birds of the same feather make a good feather duster.
20. Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga. Kapag may taga, may tahi.
21. Huli man daw at magaling, undertime pa rin.
22. Ang naglalakad ng matulin, late na sa appointment
23. Better late than later

Monday, December 29, 2008


I got a haircut yesterday.
I actually miss my old hair.
I think my old hairstyle was better. What do you think? Mom told me that my new hair looks good on me. But she's my mom, like every other mom, she will tell things that would make me feel better. Tell me, if the old one is better or the new one. Please and thank you! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

let me tell you about hard work

Things to do:
Finish reading the book eclipse.
I never get to finish the book eclipse cause I was always apathetic to read the book from the time I watched the twilight movie, which happened last month. Nicla was in Twilight when I was in Eclipse. And now, I'm still adhered to Eclipse, and she finished reading it. She even called me last night just to tell me that. Ughh.
Go to downtown with my mother on wednesday
It's still boxing week, and there's a lot of sale. Haha. We are going to the Bay. Yayy!
Delete some photos in my memory stick
I got a thousand plus photos. I'm running out of memory.
Take some self portrait
Finish chapitre 5 of my math book.
Speak French, Watch French, Read French.
If I want to get out of welcoming class. Haha.
Drink lots of juice
I still have a cold.
Think if I'll have a party on my birthday
Cause I really don't feel like partying.
Call my friends in the Philippines
Cause I haven't talked to them for like 949523849435 years.
Watch some more episodes of Beavis and Butthead
Clean my room

So here are my plans for the week. I'll strike out a task if I'm done doing it. I just hope I do something, even if just one. Haha.
I'll be making a new years resolution soon. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

dear mr. president

Most of the discussion concerned Pink's statement that the song was intended for United States President George W. Bush The song's format is a series of questions for the President, specifically pertaining to how he really feels about controversial issues such as war ("Let me tell you about hard work/Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away"), homosexuality ("What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?") --this can also be viewed as Vice President Dick Cheney not accepting gay rights when his own daughter is a lesbian,-- The home("What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street") reproductive rights for women ("What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?") and drug abuse ("You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine"), and asks "when you look in the mirror are you proud?", and the war in Iraq ("How do you feel when a mother has no chance to say good-bye?").

Friday, December 26, 2008

thnks fr th mmrs

These pictures were all taken by me. Evidently, some of the pictures are edited, for a more dramatic effect. I used photoshop cs3, just saying.

a list of love.

The Veronicas
Their two albums are amazing. And Lisa is freaking gorgeous.

Beavis and Butthead
I used to watch them when I was little. Well, let's not use the word little, let's just say when I was young. :)

Metro Station.
Mason Musso is hot. Have you seen the newest music video? It's awesome. :)

Boys Like Girls

You just gotta love the boys.

(I made the veronicas and metro station picture)

christmas with the kranks.

I thought plans were cancelled. Cause when we were on our way to Tita Betty's, I slipped on the icy sidewalk and hit my knee somewhere hard, so I got a wound and could barely walk. My parents had to assist me while going up to the apartment. When we got there, I sat on the couch. My mom called Tita Betty to tell that we couldn't make it. We also called Tito Henry and told him we couldn't make it. I fell asleep. It was like noon when Tito Henry called that he's going to pick us up, and carry me if he has to. Good thing is, my knee was better, so I was able to walk. We stopped first at their house, and ate. Then, to tita betty's to bring her food. (I feel sorry cause lunch with her was canceled because of me) And last, went to Ate Marian's house, where we ate dinner. It was in St. Bruno, so it's kind of a long drive going there. When we got there, Steve's parents were there, also Ate Pamela's family and Tita Raquel. Ate Marian greeted me with, "Hey girl who's really good in French." Apparently, she knows about the french thingy. She locked me in an embrace and I embraced her back. (duhh) Foods were not ready so they sang karaoke first. When the foods were ready, we did not eat yet. We were waiting for Steve's brother, Patrick. When Patrick came, soon, we ate. After eating, Patrick sang the karaoke. He's good. Haha. After singing, it was gift giving time! The kids enjoyed opening the gifts and receiving a lot of toys. Kuya Michael gave me two video games (ratchet clank and sims 2 castaway) for my psp. Patrick sang the karaoke again. And Victoria sure was having fun with the camcorder her dad gave her. She also sang The Alphabet Song. Haha.

Ate Marian's baby. Rocky. His name harmonizes with him. He's hard as a rock. He doesn't look like he's a 4 month old baby. Does he?

That's Victoria. Having fun with the camcorder her dad gave her. She was like taping everyone of us. Haha.

When Steve's parents went home, Kuya Michael went home next. He needs his rest daw. Haha. And when the kids were asleep, except for lyric, we went home na din cause it was like 10:30 pm something. We got home almost twelve.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy christmastide.

(that means merry christmas!)

Christmas here isn't jolly. I miss Philippines. It's a lot of fun spending Christmas in the Philippines. All of my friends think the same thing also. I gave my mom a hoodie. She gave me a hoodie. (Coincidence, or was it?) Gave my dad an ipod shuffle. Mom gave me a card with hundred bucks inside. (pandagdag daw sa pambili ng iphone.)

It'll be a long day today. Gonna have lunch with Tita Betty and dinner with my uncle and his family.
Wish you're having a great christmas. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seventeen Forever

OhEmGee. It's christmas eve! I'm not that excited for christmas cause I know I will not get something special.
Today, I 'cleaned' my room. I added 2923874573573 songs to my ipod. And I was watching Beavis and Butthead for hours.
"I'm like gonna die of starvation and stuff. That might be cool."

I missed it. I remember when I used to watch it when I was a kid. And I used to love it so cause it's freaking stupid. Buttwipe. Butthead likes butt. Haha.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nananana batman!

This morning, I was thinking about something, something that's bothering me. I wanted to tell you guys what it was, but the problem is I could not remember. I have brain issues.

I am still sick. And I think I'm gonna wish for Santa for me to get better soon. do you love it when you have cold? of course you don't. I drank 293489760893470248 glasses of lemon, 93457w9859325 apples. There wasn't supposed to be a w in that group of numbers. Excuse me from my typological error. We stayed awhile at Alice's when Tita Betty came. As usual, she and my momma did alot of talking. She also opened her gifts that my mom, tita primi and tita fe gave her. So, all in all, she got three. My mom gave her a scarf which she bought in some store in Alexis Nihon, haha. Tita Primi gave this really odd pen, well, it's not only a pen, it's a radio pen. Haha. Tita Fe gave her this really sexay looking pajamas, so that she could find a 'papa'. Haha. I got on friendster using my psp and then commented people randomly, saying that I wish they'll have a great christmas. Hope I'd make it to Santa's nice list. Haha. I just hope they'd comment me back too. I still have to upload photos from our christmas party. I won't be going skating tomorrow cause kristel and kristine's mom didn't let them go. HAHA. Too bad, going was their idea.

Look what I got! It's a metro station tshirt. HAHA. I also bought boys like girls tshirt.


Monday, December 22, 2008

new skin.

New skin-- I do change my skin every week. I get bored with everything fast.

NO SCHOOL FOR TWO WEEKS. I wonder what the heck should I do this vacation? My friends are inviting me to go skating (again) on wednesday, doubt that I could come though. I am sick, and It'll be hard skating with me blowing my nose every minute. And plus, I have fallen enough, I've experienced pain enough.

Friday, we had a party, yes, I guess I could call it a party, christmas party, I got stephen ( a cute, tiny teddy bear. ) from shammah, and this stupid bracelet my classmate gave me. Well, it's not stupid. Excuse me for my rudeness. The bracelet is alright, but it is not my thing. Yes, I'm being nice, it's christmas. I hope Santa would give me what I want. Haha. Do I believe in Santa? Hell no. I am not a hater, not a lover either.
My father's making me drink this glass of lemon, pure lemon. We all know it is icky, but it's making me feel better for a short amount of time. You know what is the thing that I hate the most when I have a cold? I can't eat ice cream. I have been craving for days. It's hard having a cold. My parents are like, "do this.. do that.." blahh. I hate being told what to do. I feel like everytime I am blowing my nose, I am gonna blow my heart out, or maybe my throat.
It was officially winter yesterday, the 21st. Yayy! Or maybe not. There was a snowstorm yesterday. When I looked on the balcony, snow was all over, and it was over 10 centimeters. I went out today, and good thing they already plowed the sidewalk, so it was not that hard to walk on the sidewalk. But it was cold, I could feel my ear aching, and I was like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Haha. Dry, redenned skin, I had. I told my mom I wish it was spring again. But yea, winter's just starting. Waiting for three months to pass is like waiting forever to pass.

I have glasses! Not real though. I just like how geeky I look when I'm wearing those. It makes me feel like I am smart. Haha.

Do you think opposites do attract? When I hear opposites and attract in a same sentence, nalulungkot ako. :( Kasi naman eh, I tried everything just to move on. Lalo ko siyang naalala lalo ng nalalapit ang superbowl, and everytime I watch football, tapos ang naglalaro New York Giants. O, ano na naman yung nasa utak niyo, baka isipin nyo boyfriend ko na yung tinutukoy ko, wala ako nun no. Yung aking matalik na kaibigan na ngayon, di ko na nakakausap. Shit talaga.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

into the rush now, you don't have to know how.

I hope I passed sa test namin today. HAYY. It was hard, buti I figured out how to do yung number one. Kung hindi, patay na naman. Feeling ko, yun lang ang tama ko. Kawawa naman akooo.
Bakit ba ang stupid ko? Huhu.

Anyhoo, nadulas ako today. I was walking sa sidewalk, duhh, and then, I didn't know glass na pala yung tinapakan ko sa voila! nadulas ako. OUCHHH. Good thing nobody saw me. Or maybe someone did. Nakakahiya, sana di nakita ni quebecois. OUCH. After nun, kamuntikanan na naman ako madulas. I was super pissed off, and embarassed. Kanino? To myself. But my mothah said it's natural. But still, I'm not used to it. Or maybe I'll get use to it.

Ang wimp ko talaga, kasi also yesterday. Diba we went skating? I fell alot of times. Indoor ice skating rink is bettuh. My back was killing me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


UGhh, I hate school. Well, just math. Let's say I hate our teacher. Uggghh, why do I have to see him tomorrow morning? Why am I stupid on math? I wasn't supposed to be in duxieme, I was supposed to be in just premier. He's pressuring me. And the way he always pull that scary look. Fuck. We'll have a test on Wednesday, before christmas vacation. I just hope I will pass, even though I don't get a high score, I just need to pass. I hope the test would be easy. He says it's always easy but his tests were not. Good thing on tuesday we have no math. We'll be having a sortie on tuesday, we're gonna go skating. Yayy! It'll be my second time. I hope I wouldn't fall alot like I did on my first time. Well, I had to start out from something right? Haha. I know how to skate a little. But, just a little. I think on monday we have to recite a poem, but I forgot my cahier where I wrote the poem. I just hope he doesn't remember that we have to recite a poem. I also got a certificate cause I made it into the honor's list. Just french though. Hahaha, I wasn't so amused at all cause it's normal, I used to receive such things when I was in high school. But yea, I guess it's good.
Do you know I love Johny Test and dookie? His ugly dog. Haha. Oh well, I can't think of anything to tell, I just wish I do. haha. My life isn't so interesting, I know.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm tired of the world.

that means I'm bored.
I'm gonna answer it even if your question's stupid. :D
haha, don't be shy.

Comment this entry.
Leave your url, your name, your question and blahh.
In case you don't have a blogger, just leave your e-mail add.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

loud beats.

My entry for the day--
Nothing really special happened. It was uhhhh.. the same boring day. We didn't have math today, wow, that's something. We only had francais and education physique. It was stupid today. Didn't make much silay, ang stupid kasi. Palagi siyang nakatalikod, ang layo pa ng place namin sa kanya. So yun, we had a plan so that I could make silay, we were supposed to go around the canteen and throw our stupid trashes dun sa likod ng cafeteria, so that way, pagbalik namin, makakasilay ako. So yun, and then when I walked, I saw a trash can, so I was like, "tel, eto lang pala yung trash can, ruined na yung plan natin." naiinis na ko eh. I've been crushing on him since start ng school until now. Stupid isn't it? I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE NAME. :Hindi ako yung tipo na magaapproach sa isang lalaki, even though I want to. Tsaka crush lang naman yun diba? No big deal about it. It's just a little crush or maybe I do like him. I don't know. Only until like, not love. Love isn't in my dictionary. Also stupid bus 160, I had to walk from freaking wilderton to freaking darlington. They moved the bus stop dahil daw sa snow. WTF? Kaya yun, pauwi and papasok I had to walk from here to there, and it was freaking cold man. Freaking cold. GRABBBEEE. I didn't go straight home after school. Me, Kristine and Kristel hung out for a while. We played sa snowww. :)) Haha, it was cold. Sobrang ang fun maglakad, kasi lulubog yung paa mo. We also made angels from snow. Haha. Para bang bata? Wala langgg. Haha.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's been cold these few days. The temperature's dropping to negative 10, and the snow's getting started. Sorry if I haven't been updating, it's just that I was lazy. And I had to do something always. Well, to start off, I'm kind of thankful that I finished the titanic french thingy. I made my teacher do the corrections, and it was bad man, I got alot of errors. Wanna know why? I just used the translator. I don't like exerting on my projects.
I hate it when I feel like I'm not relating to anything. I was so pissed today, cause uhhh.. can't tell. Well, it's just that, I really hate it when everybody talks and I can't relate to anything. It's like all of them are keeping it a secret from me, I'm the only one who doesn't know. Doesn't that suck? I feel like I don't deserve that trust.
Things I did these last few days:
SATURDAY- Jofel's birthday. I went and I'm glad my friends did too. It was cool, and this dude kept telling stories about experiences about here, blahh. Me and my mates went outside cause it was getting hot inside, getting crowded. So yea, we took pictures, and we did pretty funny stuffs. I got home 10 o'clock.
MONDAY- Went skating with them again. Oh man, it was fun. To be honest with you, it was my first time. I fell alot of times, haha, can't blame me, can you? I took time before I learned, it wasn't easy. Kristine got cut by a blade. See, ice skating can be dangerous, also kristel, her twin. It's kind of odd, that the same thing happened to the twins, or is it? The kids are good. Haha. After, kristine and kristel had to work, so they went straight to their jobs. Me and Shammah, again did a little gala, we went to Le Garage, just like the time we watched twilight, haha, I bought the cardigan that I wanted. Boy, I was happy.
My body still hurts until know. I planned not going to school, but I don't know, I have to go to school. But I skipped a subject today, I just hope it's okay. We have no math tomorrow. YAYY MEE! Haha. Coconea's cool, not really. Eep, I just hope he doesn't read this. Lol.

Things to do:
Finish the book ECLIPSE.

The twilight movie wasn't nice, and edward wasn't hot either. They missed out on a lot of things, and they told the story wrong.
-nicla jack.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I loved you once.

What happened nung Friday--
Friday was great! :)
Well, it started off the way I didn't want to. Cause, we had this basketball test on physical education. And being the wimp I am, I got ten over twenty. I wasn't so amused at all cause my classmates were pressuring me. I hate being pressured. Sobrang they were like, "yung tuhod mo, louisa." I even wanted to say, "shut the fuck up." But that would be rude and all. So yun, my heart was pounding cause I was freaking nervous. And my friend's were not any help at all. They just made things worse. PEACE FRIENDS.I still love you guys though. After nun, was great. Cause nung papunta na kami sa cafeteria, nakasabay namin yung jumeaux sa stairs, or whatever. I don't really know if they're jumeaux or not. My friend just told me they are. Hmmm.. Maybe I should ask them. Haha, I wish I could do that. I don't even know the names. Hah. and then nung when we were buying our snacks na, nasa likod ako nung hotter sa kanilang dalawa, so I got a good look of him. Haha, I also stood in line after him. Makapal kasi ang mukha ko eh. :)) Bakit pa kasi quebecois sila eh, I have a feeling they don't speak english. SAYANG. kailangan ko pang gumaling sa french para makipag-conversate sa kanila. Lol. The only english word I heard them said is 'fuck.' don't really know kung sino sa kanilang dalawa. haha.
Third period, we watched STOMP THE YARD. and it was cool. It was my second time watching it. Another class was also in our room. And this guy was pissing me off. Cause he was saying bad words, bad filipino words. Kasi, this dudes are teaching him those words. He was like talking non-stop puro mura. So I was like really pissed off, so were my mates. And he didn't stop, he was getting worse and worse. THOSE STUPID DUDES. sorry lang ha, kasi you guys did really piss me off.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thoughts. do mine matter?

Naiinis ako sa lahat, sa bus, sa kanya. SA LAHAT. Pwede mag-vent? Kasi ganito yun, wala lang, ang feelers ng tao sa skul, except kami. Kala mo kung sinong maka-act. Para bang prinsesa na? God, ang bitchIt's ridiculous how lame teens could get, or even old women or men. Wala lang, sobrang sa school, like, you hear filipinos talking english, tapos yun pala, they didn't grow up here. At eto pa, they were talking to their own kind, filipinos. Wala lang, sobrang ang ridiculous. Kasi you'll know talaga na di naman sila mga englishero at englishera. Haha. And they also act like they're better than us, the newcomers. Wow, ang yabang. Ewan ko. Sobrang gusto kong mag-vent. Matamaan na, ang matamaan. Kasi masasaktan ka lang naman diba kapag totoo? Like I remember the time na, this girl was talking to her friend. And she was talking english, ang arte pa. Tapos biglang nagtagalog. So I was like, "what the fuck? okay, nag-english ka pa. Pinahirapan mo pa yung sarili mo." It really did piss me off. Eh, hindi naman premiere language dito ang english, kundi french. It's understandable if they did speak in french. Wala, sobrang natutuwa lang ako na ewan. Sobrang I felt like venting talaga about this. And ang conceited pa nila. At least, they see themselves as 'beautiful' unlike me. Ewan ko lang talaga ha. :|
Fuck din ang mga buses, I should have my own transportation or something. Naiinis ako, kasi ang sikip. Tapos sometimes, they don't stop where they are supposed to stop. Nakakainis. Naiinis talaga ko sa buhay ko. HAYYYYYYYYY. Anak talaga ng tekwa. Tapos friday na naman bukas, ala na namang pasok for two days. I don't like weekends. fuck that. BAKIT? kasi palagi akong nakasimangot those days. Alang magawa, nakakainis sila, blahh.
At eto pa, gusto ko ng mag-give up sa french, kasi feel ko di ko kaya matuto. Parang ang hirap hirap. Ang gago lang ha. Kailangan ko ata ng tutor, di sapat yung sa school. Pati ata after school kailangan pa. Fuck, ang slow ko.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ang bayad mo sa jeepney kulang pa ng dyis.

I'm here to talk to you about my needs. haha, nahh. Today was, I guess convivial. :) Me and my mates took pictures, a few. I also took a picture of mon enseignant. His name's Bond, Bond Aid. Haha. Oh, it snowed today. But it wasn't that cold. Last week was colder. I wasn't amused cause the bus stopped somewhere it wasn't supposed to stop. So I had to walk from there to here. It's cool that this kid was with me. But he's french. So I had a hard time conversating with him. At least, I kind of practiced my french skill. Well, if I do have it.
Tomorrow will suck, we have a new reglement. If you speak english or any other language besides french, you have to pay ten cents. Je n'ai pas l'argent. Magdudugo na ang ilong at bibig ko tomorrow. haha.
I'm gonna study math today. I feel stupid when it comes to math.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

kiss me violently.

I watched twilight yesterday at the movies. But first, me and Shammah had to find banque scotia, cause that's the only near from here cinema that plays twilight. I'm not that gala you know. Ang fun, cause me and Shammah were talking non-stop, from the time we met at the metro. Nung nahanap na namin yung cinema, we bought tickets na. Buti nalang nakahabol pa kami sa 4:30 showing. We felt like we had to buy snacks pa, and we did. But it took us a long time kasi ang bagal nila iprepare yung food. Ang mahal ng popcorn and drinks, pero ang regular, super big man. I didn't even eat the half nung popcorn size. When we got in na, trailers were being showed. I enjoy trailers. And yun, a film with nicolas cage seems so cool. So I think I'm gonna watch it, but it will be out somewhere in 2009. So that's still a long time. When the movie was starting, naghiyawan yung mga tao. Nakakatuwa. Haha. And then yun, nag-enjoy naman kasi ako, kasi ang handsome ni edward. But, I think the book's still better. It wasn't what I expected it to be. I thought it'll be BIG, kasi super talk of the town, country, world. The acting's good. But the movie could have been better. I thought that it'll be the best movie I've ever seen, cause it's the best book I have ever read. I'm sorry, but yea. It's just my opinion anyway. After that, it's cold na. cause it was nighttime. Me and Shammah did a little gala. Cause she needs to be somewhere at 8 o'clock. And it was already 6:30 something when we got out of the movies. SO yun, we went to this custom t-shirts shop. I wanted to buy these cool glasses, the one that pinauso ni kanye west. But I thought, I wouldn't use it na. Cause it's getting darker, and darker everyday. Days getting shorter, and nights getting longer. Kasi winter is near na. So yea, I didn't buy anything. After, we went to garage naman, kasi we saw this really cool cardigan. But THEY WERE OUT. I was like, awww. Ang cute talaga kasi. And then, iyun, we went dun sa garage sa Atwater, they have it, but in large size. O diba, ang dissapointing. So I just bought a top, it's polo-like. Cute din, but the cardigan's really cool. That's what I want, yes, i still want it. I wish they'll have small next week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

cause now I'm stronger than yesterday.

Morning, in my first subject, I cut my bangs. Yes, with ordinary scissors. And it turned out gay, not as in dandy. We also had l'education physique today, and it was funn. I did alright on the basketball part. I was finally improving. I shot a few hoops, and this and that. Haha.

Today, I got my first report card. When me and mom entered the school, we saw her friend and then he introduced me to his daughter. She's kind of familiar cause I remember we used to have the same l'education physique time. My teacher talked to my mom about how things work. Why do we need to study french. Blahhh.. I didn't know it's a law. Unfortunately, well, not really, I got a failing grade in math. D D D. Haha. I found it funny cause this is the first time in my life I got a failing grade and IN MATH? haha, whoa. But in French, I got one B, in orale and the rest A. He gave me B in my orale cause he told me I talk to my filipino friends tagalog all the time. DUHHHH. What was he thinking? I should talk to my Filipino friends in chinois? I'm not that smart to talk to them all the time in french you know. My teacher told me that there's a big possibility I'll end up in adult school education next year. Cause I'll be seventeen before the school year ends. Mais, he also told me that if I'm good in math he could put me in Secondary 4. After, when we got out of school, it was so freaking cold. When I got home, I saw myself on the mirror, with red cheeks. I was like, whoa. Yes, I was really like whoa.

I'll get to see Twilight tomorrow with shammah. Yayyy us! I am wired. haha.I still haven't talked to Shammah about what time will we meet. Hmmmmmm..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My day was uhhhh.. not so great. I haven't made that much silay today. C'est pas normal. haha. My morning was okay. I was singing this:
"chaka nyang bading, nakakainis.
Mukha'y nanggagalit
Chaka nyang bading, nakakahiya.
Ulong naging nguso."

so yun, dinedicate ko kay Regie, cause as I told you before, he's diego sa comedian names namin. He was so infuriated, I think, cause I know he even wanted to punch me on my face. HAHA. and then he was like, "pasalamat ka babae ka." so i was like, "sige, gawa." Imagine me, having a blackeye. haha. Oh man, that sure would be something. That didn't stop me. while I was working on my seatwork, I thought of the next lines ng kanta, cause I couldn't remember it. Tapos yun, when I remembered it na, I was gonna sing it. But I don't want things to get worse. He would be rabid. Haha, I was feeling demented.

La météo aujourd'hui'. C'est très froid, pour moi. Haha. it's negative something.
Weather Today: It's very cold, for me.
Haha, I had to translate it. :D
We'll have l'education physique tomorrow. WAHH! I'm excited, cause I'm starting to love basketball. C'est une blague. It's a joke. I don't like any sport. I'm not athletic, I am namby-pamby. :/

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

extreme, extreme, magic sing sing.

Extreme, extreme magic sing sing.
Omfg, I was seriously laughing my fucking ass off. I don't know I just find it so jocose. My classmate even said na I'm nababaliw na cause I was so diverted. and then he also sang it, with matching moves pa. oh diba. lawlz. And nung recess time, I kinda showed off, I solved the rubik's cube, I don't know if they were amused though. lawlz. Basta yun, recess time is always a consummate time. Hihi. We had math, 2 french, and l'informatique today. Math, the usual, travaille, travaille, travaille. Oh yea, that means, work, work, work. french, we talked about science humaine. Oh, how I hate that. As our homework, we have to draw the map of Montreal, with the accent aigu on e, sorry, I'm lazy to change my keyboard into french. Oh, our teacher gives the worst homeworks everrr. It sucks. It was really cold outside. negative something. I had to wait for the bus for twenty minutes something. My everything was freezing. -.-

i love this picture, I love eyeliners. hihi.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

omfg, i love bitoy. <3

hit the turbo.

A day with only myself couldn't be any greater. I'm now in my house alone. I love this. I haven't been alone in a house for a long time now. I like being alone, damn it! :) Sitting on the couch, writing this post, and watching my gym partner's a monkey. Yes, I am multi-tasking. I am also talking to my little truffles, Reyna, on myspace. I missed her. She went to Paris to visit her aunt, and then L.A. cause she visited her granny. Me and Reyna are talking about how cool filipinos are. And how she loves rice. haha. i love her. <3
I think I'm gonna work on my blog. I wanna make my blog comely. But I have no idea how to do it. At sana, I know how to work blogger out. pero hanggang ngayon di pa. I also want to write longer posts. But yea, I don't want to be emotional with you guys. It's not my thing. So I'm just gonna write random things- things that just entered my mind.
I love how companionless I am right now, that in this moment, me and my shadow are the only thing in my house. This is alleviation. Yea, it is. But this won't last long. I have to go back to Atwater cause they wouldn't let me sleep here-- alone.

And oh, is friendster working for you? For me not. It's been a few days now. And I am not liking it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I burned every bridge I ever built when you where here.

And now, to talk to you about my friday. The most exultant day of the week. NOT! Well, we had P.E. today. And being the indolent person that I am, I didn't play basketball. I even had to switch shoes with my classmate so that the teacher won't let me play, I let him think that 'I' was wearing fucking doll shoes, not to mention with socks on. :D In my french class today, I was pissed at the teacher. Cause he confiscated my journal, it's not just a journal, fucking hottie robert pattinson is on it. <3 Yea, prolly, that was the reason why he pissed the fucking hell out of me. I'm sorry for my badly chosen words. I was stuck with that dude for three periods, GREAT! Can you feel the sarcasm in me? -.- We have to draw comics as our homework, and he will collect our cahier on monday morning. Unfortunately, I have no aptitude to draw. When I got home, I said a little hello to alice. After, I rushed to the room and searched for a future shop flyer, my bible. (not really). I was browsing for a DSLR camera, also on the internet, with my mom. haha. I just hope she'd buy me one.

And in class, we had our comedian names:
Moi-- pokwang.
Kristel-- Mahal
Kristine-- Mura
Ian-- Poohkyaw
Earvin-- Empoy
Jofel-- Dagul
Regie-- Diego
Shammah-- Maica.

Lols. :)))

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i love you, but I don't love you

I'm kind of bored right now. I just finished eating my lunch. Well, in canada, they call dinner lunch, and lunch dinner. Odd isn't it? My day was uhhhh.. alright. Just the usual. It's pathetic, and I'm tired of having the same day. I want something interesting to happen, something new. I am actually bored of my life. Oh well.. On the 21st, me and Shammah will get to see Twilight, We have no classes on friday cause it's pedagogique. Hooray for us. After, I want to go to downtown, but I won't do shopping parce-que je n'ai pas l'argent. Je suis pauvre. (I don't have any money. I am poor.) C'est vrai. (it's true) It's Nicla's birthday today, she's already seventeen. I bought her a gift yesterday, a longsleeve from Le Garage. She deserves something special cause she always helps me with math. ^_^ When she arrived, we sang "Bonne Fete A Toi." It's french for happy birthday. She looked gorgeous today. She had her hair done, for fifty bucks. Too much for a day. I want to have a cellphone, I haven't had one for a long time now. But, I want some other things than that. Oh, can you help me with something? I'm actually thinking of asking my mom to buy me a DSLR camera for christmas. But the problem is I don't know which is better, Nikon or Canon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.

I am sorry if I haven't posted in years. I haven't busy, it's just that, I can't think of anything interesting to post.
I have no interesting story to tell but yea, I'm still gonna post.
"You should be the model in this class"-Nicla.

I don't know if I spelt her name right. She's my math seatmate. We are both in duxieme level, so yea. Well, I just thought about that. I shouldn't be the model in the class, puh-lease, I don't even do my homeworks. Honestly, that originated from my french teacher. When he noticed that I don't always do my homeworks. WHY? I'm always lazy to do something.
Next topic, christmas is near. I'm kind of excited, since I want to ask my mom to buy me a DSLR camera as my present from her this christmas, or maybe at the same time, her present for me for my birthday, since the DSLR camera will cost her a fortune. She knows how I badly want one. I can't wait til summer. Why summer? I'll have a summer job this june (summer here starts in june). I don't know what my job will be. But all I know is, I will work in an office. But summer is uhhh, seven months away. So yea, I couldn't really wait.
Next, twilight's showing is on 21. Can't hardly wait. But I still need time, cause I still need to find someone I could go with. Well, I couldn't really go alone. It's not my thang going somewhere all alone, that wouldn't be fun for me. Apparently, none of my friends want to go with me. I need to find new friends to hang-out, I know. I'm still on the third book. UGHHH. I couldn't concentrate on reading. It's just that there's so many things I was thinking about. First, school, everyday we have freaking exams.
I haven't taken any good pictures of me lately. It sucks, I have been camwhoring lately, but yea, none of the pictures I took turned out the way I wanted. I was also thinking if I should get streaks of my hair red, or maybe another color. Since jonah have red streaks on her hair. I want something different, I'm bored of my hair.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

don't try to tell me what to do.

So sana makuha ko yung trabaho, kahit na one month lang ako magwo-work. At least meron, tapos yung kikitain ko dun eh, ipangbibili ko ng slr. At kung kulang man, mom said, na dadagdagan nalang niya. So yea, SANA talaga magkaroon ako ng trabaho.

Oh yea, nag-volunteer ako sa jewish general hospital nung sunday. It was fun, I guess. Pinilit lang ako ni madre, she knows I hate socializing to people. I had to do it though(socialize to people) kasi if I didn't, wala akong mabebenta. Well, I had to sell raffle tickets, two dollars each. My first three customers were filipinos. WOOO! I sold many, I can't believe it though. They were raising money for the Heart Center. They had this bazaar thingy. There were coats, shoes, dresses, and etc. Lahat ng pumapasok eh, inalok ko. Some of them just ignored me, so I was like, "okay." and then some were like, "no," and they were like angry. so I was like, "wtf is wrong with these people? I'm not forcing them to buy or anything." It was a hard bussiness, I'm telling you. I had a little help, from the security guard. Lawlz. Cause some of them only speaks french, I couldn't understand them. But the security guard did the talking. ^_^ a special thanks to the security guard. I was surprised to see Vicki there, she's full of life. And when we were finished, we had to fold the raffle tickets into quarters, after that, Beverly asked me if I wanted her to buy me something. I was like, "no." It was a volunteer work, I wanted (well, not really. Like I told you before, I was just forced. But yea, I kinda liked it.) to do it, with no return. That's the least I can do. Time was fast. People who said no, made me feel like I'm rejected or something. Haha.

I was watching AFV. This girl was afraid of chickens. She was like, "it's a lion." Her mom said, "it's not. What's that animal?" and the little girl said, "it's chicken nuggets." I was seriously laughing my ass off.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

now if she moves like this..

Je suis fatigué---
So we went to laurentides? Eh, i don't know where we went. lawlz. We were supposed to take pictures of the trees but unfortunately, when we got there, it's already dark. We stopped by at Mcdo, then after that, tinignan nila yung mga bahay na binebenta. So yun, the place was like a country. Super creepy, kasi yung tipong place na nandun yung mga serial killers, psycho killers, zombies? rotfl and another scary stuff. I thought the place was cool, but yea, it was scary though. Ang tagal din nung trip. Meron talaga kaming super cool house na napuntahan, it was thee scariest of them all. Pero ang ganda talaga, it has a swimming pool. And super creepy nung way nya, kasi ang dilim dilim talaga, puro trees pa. haha. Ayun, that's the last house na pinuntahan namin. Pabalik, medyo matagal din ang biyahe. nag-SOUNDTRIP ako. pero later, i was feeling sleepy na naman. I tried getting some sleep, pero malapit na pala kami. haha, bummer.

Monday, October 13, 2008

twilight, twilight, twilight!!

I finished the book twilight.
The time I started reading the book, I can't stop. Maybe that's why I finished reading the book fast. I just bought the book yesterday, and finished it noon today.
Okay, so I think edward cullen is hot. Even though, he's just a fictional character. I've always thought that love stories are lame. My friends know that fact. Until I read twilight. Tama si Tiffany, kasi dati nya pang nasabi na maganda yung twilight. :))Nakatulog na ko, midnight. I know I had to stop kasi I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept. Then when I woke up, I grabbed the book, cause it was just beside me, and started reading again. Kinikilig talaga ko kay edward, and everytime he kisses bella. haha. I'm gonna buy the three next books tomorrow. Feeling ko, it will take me a week finishing a book, school is now gonna get in the way. I love how edward spies on bella. haha
So nung tapos nako, I wondered what's the trailer like. I searched the trailers on youtube, and watched them for a million times. I wish it's November. Wala akong pakielam if no one will go with me, I'm gonna watch the movie even though ako lang mag-isa.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

we live and we learn.

Okay, i'm bored and I'm gonna write random things.

first--I wanna buy the twilight book NOW. But I don't wanna go outside cause of a reason, and that reason is I'm lazy. haha. as always. The women in my house are wanting me to go, cause they told me it's nice outside. haha, maghanap daw kami ng lalaki.

second--I have to do my devoir on math and français. I brought my french book cause I'm gonna read it. If I want to learn fast, I should speak, watch and read. Gusto ko naman ding matuto, kasi I have always wanted to learn french.

third--putya, ang gay ng itunes ko. Nawawala palagi yung songs ko. Shiet. I have no idea why. :/

fourth--it's SUNDAY.It's the most boring-est day of the week. I like the adjective that I used. >:) Why is it boring? There's nothing to do. There's nothing to watch, and effing stores close early today.

fifth--tomorrow is thanksgiving. no SCHOOL.! wahh!


Grabe, ang tanga ko talaga, kasi di ko nakwento yung nagpunta kami sa old montreal. :)))

Okay, so yea, me and tita primi went there. Nagkita kami sa may metro, sa atwater ng 12 o'clock. Wee, ang galing ko magkuwento ng tagalog. rotfl. And then, dumeretso kami sa old montreal, I forgot kung san kaming station bumaba. We first went to this church, where celine dion and his husband got married. I took pictures and went off to the next place. Ay di pa pala, we stopped by in a store first. It's a souvenir store. Tita Primi, I think was planning to buy something for her uncle. She's not my real aunt. lol. And then after that we went to old port, took pictures. and then she told me about this kalesa thing. They will charge you fifty bucks if you're gonna ride the kalesa. Way too expensive. And then some guy was doing this show. I can say it was quite impressive. He was really good at juggling things, and riding this tall unicycle. He was hilarious too, in additional to that. When the show was finished, we went to some vietnamese restaurant cause the woman I was with was hungry. She ordered spring roll, beef soup, and fried imperial. The spring roll wasn't good, but the beef soup and fried imperial was. okay, so nung we were full na, she payed the bill and we headed off to downtown cause she will buy books pa. While we were searching for the book that she wanted to buy, I saw this book. So yun, I bought it. Nakakainis, kasi I forgot to buy twilight. After buying the books, we went to centre eaton cause we wanted to window 'shop'. rotfl. We went to american apparel, I wanted to go to american eagle outfitters though. But after that, we just went to zara instead. I bought something cause it was SALE. wahahaaa! I can't spend, spend, spend money. If I want to buy an slr, which I think won't happen cause it's freaking expensive, I have to save money. But buying clothes is like the sweetest sin. Eh, idk. Basta yun, after that, I was like, ayoko na. Kasi I know I'm gonna spend more, and more. kaya yun, bumalik na kami sa atwater. Then, I remembered my mom asked me to buy onions. So we went to iga, and bought onions! And after that, I went home na. Tita primi was with me, cause she wanted to drop off to mom's first. So yeaa, yun. haha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

-be's old.

nagpapaka-fag ako sa aking laptop, and then I found this.

St. Joseph, the most amazing and most beautiful church I have ever been to. Going there was exhausting, there were alot of steps, but it's worth it. I have enjoyed going there, seriously. The place just blew me away. It was so sacred and holy, and BIG. There were a lot of people, and it serves as a tourist spot. The people were taking pictures here and there. You sure want to keep those memories when you go there, trust me. You can see the whole Montreal [; which makes it more amazing. haha. After that, we went to downtown. We were there for awhile. We walked, and walked, and walked. My feet were KILLING ME, and I'm serious about that. Most of my friends know I hate walking. Downtown was also big and you sure wanna do shopping, if you have the money. haha. I enjoyed the eating part though. We always eat chinese food!! I love fried rice, and I think it's called general tao chicken, or whatever it is. It's freaking delicious man. When we got home, I rushed to the tv and turned it on. Guess what?! it was so you think you can dance, it was the finale. AWWW. The show again, just blew me away. It made me untouchable. I couldn't get my eyes off the tv. Joshua won, but I think four of them should be the winners. I hope I could dance like them. The greatest thing about the show tonight is the judges picked their favorite routine and the dancers will dance it for the last time. I was stoked when Katee and Joshua danced No Air, it was freaking GENIUS AND AMAZING MAN. I couldn't be happier when I was watching it. It was the routine I was waiting for the judge to pick. And when the show was over, I was like, "awww, la na kong papanoorin tuwing wednesdays and thursdays." It was so sad.

Okay, so I was being old, cause I forgot to post that. ^^^

weekend life.

I downloaded few icon textures and just finished making two icons.

I'll add more later.
You can take whatever you want. I'm sure no one would take them though. lawlz. I'm just bored that's why I'm making icons. If you'll take it, leave a tag? I guess.

these are the other icons
feat. jessica alba, mary kate olsen, hanna beth, and audrey kitching

answers that we'll never find.

Okay, so we had an exam on mathematics. Man, it was freaking hard. I think I'll get zero as a score. Whoops. :O I really had a hard time on answering those questions. Oh, oh, and our math teacher got mad, I don't know why though. He was speaking french, blahh, blahh, blahh, and he just said BULLSHIT. and then I was like, "ftw?" Why did he get mad?
And then the next day, we had p.e. First, we played, 'football', but we didn't do the violent stuffs. lol. we were all girls for pete's sake. After that, we played soccer. I kind of had fun, 'KIND' of had fun. I'm getting the hang of soccer though. P.E. was our last subject for the day. We have no school on monday and tuesday. monday is thanksgiving day. oooh, turkay! and tuesday, because of a thing called, 'pedagogue.' but tita betty said, it's cause of it's election day, but whatever, the important thing is we have no school on tuesday and mondayyy.

I added pictures on my multiply.
The album is set to public.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the day's too long.

My school was alright, could be better though.
I talked to kristine today on the telephone. It's her mom's birthday.

oh man, i have homework. :|
I have to do this graph thingy. and I have to make this family tree thingy.

I'm reading this book, and man I like it.
It's all about high school, popularity, teen stuff. lawlz.

I have to be ready for our math test on thursday. I'm in the duxieme level, so it'll be hard. I have to study about a thing called, 'percentage.' Yea, that word is new for me. lol.
I think mom's singing the videoke. I don't really feel like eating right now. I don't know why.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

save me.

Oh man, i am so bored right now.
I couldn't think of anything to do. I wish it's monday again. I like mondays. fuck that. Haha.
I'm watching that's so raven, and it's all about when this girl discriminated raven for being black.
Anyways, I haven't eaten my breakfast yet. I woke up at 7 and man, I'm still lazy to get up. I need someone to talk to. Or maybe I'll just do my homework latah.
I'm starting to unlike french, cause man, I'm fed up.
I had a great week. cause of my motivationHAH.
cause yesterday, nung papasok ako, he was sitting dun sa malapit sa pinto, siya lang mag-isa. awww.. and nung lunch namin, nandun sila nung friends nya sa may hallway. and nung pabalik na kami ng school, andun naman sila sa labas. Pauwi na kami, when i looked back, andun pala siya. He was smilinggggg. yiihhh. I don't know why though. rotfl.

Oh, excuse me from posting this kind of post?.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ughh, I feel so stressed. I feel like I don't get enough sleep. School is really stressing me. I wish school would be easier for me.
Mon monsieur est malade. However you spell it. I apologize for my stupidity, but francais is not my forte. Our temporary french teacher is nice. really nice. She made us answer sudoku, and being the stupid people that we are, it took us an hour and fifteen minutes. rofl. I am really tired now and I don't know what to talk about to you anymore. Maybe I'll post an interesting topic tomorrow. Just maybe.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you-- we have a new classmate. a pinay, and she came from ilocos. Amoy pinas pa nga daw. lawlz. She arrived here just a week ago. Yeah, that's what she told us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

speak out

When I am angry, I blame everyone including God. I know, it's wrong. But what can I do? I was made that way. I don't like anything about myself. I always wish that I wasn't me, that I was someone else. Everyone in my world pressures me in a way. I am trivial. I am profound, my mind is profound. I am truly a pessimistic. I am inferior. I can't do the things that I want, cause something or someone always brings me down, something or someone that would cause my lack of confidence. I think I don't have a talent, but my fortune told me that some unique talent of mine will make me succeed, that gave me a tiny bit of hope. Everything is hard for me, nothing has been easy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

all i want for christmas is..

I just planned to save money so that I could buy a digital SLR camera. It will be like a dream come true if I have it. :)
I badly want it and I honestly could not wait to have it. But it would cost me a fortune. So far, I only have a few bucks. And the camera that I want costs eight hundred. I wish there is some way I could earn money. I wish I have a job.

Oh SLR, you're the only thing I need. lol.

-be`s in school.

I just finished the exercise our teacher gave us.
It was pretty easy since I know how to work microsoft word out. But we had to type our hobbies and hate in french, that slowed me down.
I hope i got the words right.

haha, that made me laugh cause how it sounds. we had to put it on the end of our exercise. it means until next time.

I`ll continue this post later, when i get home. bye!

In our french class, we had an exercise about french numbers. and wahhh! I got ten over ten. Haha. Our pictures will be taken tomorrow for the identification card, which means I have to look prettay tomorrow. KIDDANG.

I am really tired right now cause of the fact that I woke up early and slept late last night. I tried getting some sleep this afternoon, but my uncle called. So my sleep was interrupted. Tomorrow is friday again. WAHHH! I'll have day offs na naman. WOOOOO!!! I'm thinking of what should I do this coming weekends. I wanna do something fun, but I don't know what should I do specifically.

especially mathematique. But honestly, i'm kind of liking the teacher, not like like. LOL. But he really looks like frightening or it's just me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and it feels like tonight.

Time goes by so fast.
HAYYY buhay.

Anyways, in school. We had to write a paragraph thingy, presenting ourselves. And my classmate Yazan was learning some tagalog words from moi and my classmates. Haha, and also azim, i think that's his name. lol. Yesterday, he was saying tumahimik ka. But he was saying it like, "chumahimik ka." haha. We were all laughing our asses off. And yazan, had a hard time saying bintana. He wanted to say close the window in tagalog. But later, he was saying the whole sentence, "isara mo yung bintana." Someone is learning from us. lol. And yesterday, some dude asked him kamusta siya, and he was like, mabuti. HE'S GOOOD. lol

the kain part --

we ate at regie's place. We had meatballs, cake, and yema, and bread, and salad. hah. We forgot to bring the une banane, we were planning to give it to monsieur guillano. hah. I feel so stupid, cause I don't know how to spell his name. It was 1:20 when we finished, so we only had ten minutes to walk to school. We felt like we can't make it, so we ran. Fuck, I hate running. I wimped out. I cannot run, and I was running out of breath. But still, they continued running. :(
Luckily, we were not late.

When me and my friends were walking home, Joan showed us a few skateboard tricks. He did a kickflip. and he's goood. :)

OH, OH, I bought a canon photo printer today. When me and my parents got home, I rushed to my room and then set up my printer then printed many photos. :)

Photos are just my addiction, my drug of choice.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I can feel the pain. :(

We had our p.e. today. And it made my body hurt.
As I was running, I can feel the pain through my whole body. Especially, on my heart. Mom told me it's because I haven't exercised for a long time. HAHA. So I guess exercise is really important. So don't forget to do that so you will not turn into a wimp like moi. hah.

In our french class, we had to read this conversation thingy. My teacher picked me to be fedorov. Haha, I was lucky, cause I only read three lines.

Wen Jing: il fait beau ajourd'hui.
Kim: Oui, en corée aussi, il fait beau comme ça?
Wen Jing: Vous êtes coréeneÉ
Kim: Oui, je màpelle Kim. Et vous?
Wen Jing: Moi, c'est Wen Jing. Je suis chinoise.
Kim: De quelle ville?
Wen Jing: De Pékin. Et Vous?
Kim: De Séoul.
Fedorov: Moi, cèst Fedorov.
Wen Jing: Vous êtes russe?
Fedorov: Non, ukranien. L'Ukraine, c'est une ancienne république russe.
Kim: Avez-vous des enfants?
Fedorov: Oui, deux.
Kim: Moi, j'ai deux filles, Quan et Yin.
Wen Jing: Moi, je n'ai pas d'enfants, je suis célibataire.

haha, I am lazy to continue typing. hah

and oh, oh, yesterday, while I was in metro. I saw this really hot guy. He looks like ashton kutcher. YUMMY. lmfao.

Monday, September 8, 2008

je parle?

we had to go to front of the classroom to ask certain questions to our classmates. I had a hard time, and I answered a question wrong. LOL. That just proved that I am stupid. hah.


I feel so stupid right now. And I can't think of anything that would motivate me. Aila-knows-who has been running on my mind. I wonder if how is he, and is he alright. He hasn't been on for days.

I have been told that I am emo.

Yea, by my classmate. Many people told me I am emo, am I? I prefer not being labeled. All I know is I am me, and that's something you can never be. hah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Take-out food.

I had to go home today to get my things for school. As usual, it was heavy. I don't know why I did not leave my binder in my locker. My binder made my bag heavy. My shoulder hurts cause I was using a messenger bag. When I was in alexis nihon, I called my mom and asked her if she wants me to buy something from Mcdo. She said, she wanted me to, and did not tell me what food she specifically wants. So I just bought quarter pounder, fries and drinks for us both. The cashier pissed me off, cause when it was my turn to order. He left. That was rude. So I had to go to another cashier to order.

I am aggravated cause there is school tomorrow.


MONDAY na naman bukas. shitt. I am a monday hater, and a morning hater. Ang bilis ng oras grabe. I still need time to rest and have fun. Time to go back to prison tomorrow. -sigh
School is so not cool. Namomorblema na naman ako. Tapos na naman maliligayang araw ko. shocks. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE SCHOOL. akdjskhgjdadjdgjghdgdjdga
sana summer vacation na ulit. haha.

or sana half day lang ang pasok namin always. haha. that'll be like so COOL.

I really don't have a story to tell because I haven't done anything interesting today. haha.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


haven't posted a post for years.
YESTERDAY- moi and my friends hung out. We ate ice cream first then we ate rice and fried chicken, haha, yea, nauna yung desert. haha, tama ba yung spelling? I had a hard time understanding the math teacher yesterday. He was speaking french the whole time, and he was speaking and writing fast, i could not catch up with him. I am starting to hate math because of him. I feel like I have to know how to speak numbers in french. wooh, it'll be hard. I wish there was no math. :[ it was really hard. Only the girl from bangladesh understands him. additional to that, our teacher looks so scary.
oh god, why do I have to learn french?
I'm really having a hard time about everything. School's stressing and life isn't treating me right. HAYYY.
sana dito nalang ako ipinanganak, para dati marunong na ko mag-french. haha. isa pa, everytime you are gonna go to school, you'll think kung anu pang susuotin mo, kasi ala kayung uniform. haha, tapos masama pa kung maubusan ka ng damit.

GAHH, ang hirap mag-aral. ngayon ko lang nadama ang pain ng school. but, these few days, I got bravos from my professeur. haha

Saturday, August 2, 2008

&she's got everything that I have to live without

I hate the fact that I can't sturf the internet all the time. Haha, nakaw lang internet connection for now. I have to go to the balcony and find an unsecured wireless connection. That sure sucks.

Anyway, I had bagle topped with cream cheese for my breakfast. It was mmm-mmm. Yea, it was yummy. haha. It's 1:45 and I still haven't eaten lunch. Wanna know why? I am not hungry. haha. I was playing sims:life stories, it was so cool man. TRY IT OUT! It's addictive, for me. I played it the first time on my laptop, but it was only a trial. So I had to buy the whole thing. I lost half of my allowance. It cost me 45 bucks man. I wanted to buy the dvd na puro gamit ng mga teen sims, the cover looked super cool. I feel like I have to buy it, that means I have to have sims two first, and they are out of stock. And plus, I don't want to spend all of my money, I have to save money. I really want to have an internet connection of my own, I don't want to steal someone else's anymore. It's hard, most of the time it's cold out. So I have to wear a freaking jacket outside.x]

death of a disco dancer

it's kind of amazing how people change. When you first knew them, they were so different. And suddenly, you feel like you're the only one who hasn't changed yet. You want to, but you feel like you can't, cause you're scared of what will people think about you because you changed.

I was looking at my old friends' picture, and while I was doing that, I feel like I don't know them anymore. They have changed alot, they have become mature, and responsible. I feel like I like the old them, cause I have liked them for what things that they had. We were so close and now, miles and miles away. Sometimes, I miss the friendship that we had. But it's too late now, I can't turn back time. And I guess, we're not destined to be friends for long. I haven't did my best to keep my friendship with them so I guess a part of it is my fault.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Haha, I can't think of a title. O.o

I woke up 7 in the morning, just to call my dear friends. I miss them dearly. awww. haha. -be's emotional. ;]
I called krishelle first, I asked for aila's, jonah's and vanessa's number. They all asked me the same questions, like, anung oras na? maganda ba dyan? anong year mo na pagpasok? it was funny.
after krishelle, I talked to aila. Iyun, kwentuhan lang about their college life and stuff.
NEXT, jonah, we talked about HER boys. haha, she has a crush who's a swimmer. I told her na she has to act na kunwari she needs a mouth to mouth resuscitation. haha. okay, tinuruan ba?

Sobrang I had fun talking to them, even it's only for a short time.
Yun, nagpost lang ako ng isang entry. I feel like my blogger is empty, I have few posts, blah, blah, blah.
It's already 11 pm, so I really need to sleep so toodles! :]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

oopsie doopsie.

I don't know what my topic should be about, but whatever. I just missed my blogger.

My psp games aren't working. SHIT.
Me and my mom went to alexis nihon to buy dinner. Haha. I bought a quarter pounder from Mcdo for my dinner. And then while we were walking, she was like, "gusto mo dun tayo dumaan sa may dawson college." so I was excited naman, kasi I know that Alex Evans will study sa Dawson College, this september. It's the opening month of classes. If you don't know who alex evans is, here are two pictures of him. Isn't he cute? haha. The wind was cold when we were walking home. It rained lightly, I expected thunderstorms though. What? you can't blame me. The tv network said there will be thunderstorms. It was 9 pm and the sun was still up.If it didn't rain, I know the sky will look like it's just in the afternoon, like 4 or 5. I haven't done my shopping yet. I know, it's lame. But mom's really busy, so she doesn't have time. She told me, that she'll be free on august. ang tagal no? so yea, I have to wait.

and.. and.. the day before that me and tita ofel went to future shop, my new favorite place. Haha. I bought the tenth season dvd of south park. it's a good thing I have money in my pocket when we went there. The dvd costs 39.99 plus tax. So all in all, I paid the dude 45 dollars. After that, I converted it into peso. haha. when we got home, we ate pizza. my favorite. :] I'm contented with my blogskin now. I had to change the font because I don' t like the font arial at all. I also forgot my pringles in uncle's car and my feet are freezing, it's cold in my uncle's house. :/ oh, oh, I almost forgot to tell the funny story. I was wandering around. And then I saw a dude, lying on the ground with only his underwear on. Haha. The people doesn't care though. I'm really not used to seeing those kind of things. It was really odd for me. haha.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm looking forward to the future, but my eyesight is going bad

First day here. The flight was boring. Mom's house is boring. Everything is boring. I was dying because of boredom.
So yeaa, I'm at sharlene's house, but she's not here. :/ she's at work. I'll visit her later. She said, 8 pm will be her break time. She called me. We went to my uncle's house, and visited his kids. Well, they are not kids, they're grown ups. haha. I'm looking forward to the shopping part. HAHA. My mom said that tomorrow we will go to the FUTURE SHOP, and I have a feeling that she'll buy me the camera that I want, DSCT300. 10. something megapixel, 5x zoom and it's touchscreen. :]

I didn't like my first day here, honestly. It's so hard to move on. And my dad's pissing me off.

Here's the end of my post.
I'll update my blog if my mom bought me a computer.

And oh, I'm dying because I don't have a computer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

so let me tell you about my day.

2 days to go! I'm having a countdown. I feel like I really don't want to go, but I really have to. Anyways, me and kuya talked on ym! And he was like, "siguro, marami ka ng naiipon kasi nagpapadala ako sayo." so I was like, "no, ala nga eh." siya naman, "naku, ang kuripot mo talaga." Hayyy, kung alam nya lang. LOL. Maybe kaya nya nasabi yun kasi I used to save money. Tapos nung marami na, kinuha nya ng di ko alam. Pero, he gave the money back naman. HAHA.

I just bought a cake! I just ate few though. I don't feel like eating a sweet food today.

And later, I'll call my mom, and me and cheena will ask for money. Haha, we're planning to have a quality time at the mall. And we really want to watch Kung Fu Panda. Cheena told me it'll be showing tomorrow. Haha. So we are really looking forward to it. And I wish, mom would really give us money. x]

Monday, June 2, 2008

a blog for jmac

He left without even telling me. I don't know the reason why he left. He gave me a letter, and told me that he'll keep visiting my blogger, that's why I decided a post an entry for HIM.

I'll miss you, very much. I already do. I hate the fact that you left. You're one of the few people that I trust and really love. I know we have drifted apart. But you're still very close to my heart. You don't know how painful it is to see that you were gone. :[

absolute love for billy, grim & mandy.

Even though I have seen the episodes for like 245454578 times, I still enjoy watching it. I love mandy, and her hatred of the humanity. haha, she's so cool.
it's on right now, so I gotta watch it.


new everything.

Yeaa, new layout, I deleted the old entries, new chatbox, new everything. I was in the mood to work everything out. But still, I'm not so expert here. My blogger is lonely. ahuhu. 3 amigos only, I NEED MOREEEE. [; haha, BARBIE made a blogger for ME, me, ME. I'm still working on my introduction and pictures that I will put in this blog. haha, I'm too lazy right now. I'll work on it later. And plus, I need to re-install my photoshop. I haven't made that much progress on photoshop. I need to improve my photoshopping skills. ;] well, if I do have skills. These past few days have been really stressing for me. SLEEP LATE, WAKE UP EARLY. It sucks. I woke up early today because of a phone call. Then slept, my dad came home, so I woke up again, then slept again. haha, get it? Errmm, I don't know what to say anymore, so I'm out.

I'll post a new entry when I feel like it.

I wish my name was..

I wish my name was:
  • kalea
  • avery
  • avenue

My eyes have been hurting these past few days. I have been sleeping really late, and waking up early. It's june 2, 5 days to go! A part of me is excited, a part of me is wala lang. I'll be migrating to Canada. I will finally see and be with my mom. Live a new life, and start out new. So that means, I have to make new friends to survive. Unfortunately, It's hard for me to make friends because of my attitude. My things are packed, and I'm ready to go. Haha, not really.