Friday, June 25, 2010


I got my result for the exam that I took last week. It was a french exam. I wouldn't say that I did really well, but I don't think I had fucked it up. Actually, I didn't fuck it up because I'm now in my third year of french. I'm happy about it, but I would be happier if they classed me in the fourth year. Nahh, I'm just kidding. Of course I'm contented and happy. I don't deserve to be classed higher than that.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This picture sucks.

Anyway, I haven't published any decent post. I haven't captured any interesting picture too. I wish I were born creative or learned to be creative. It's possible, isn't it?

I don't really go to school now. I mean, I do but I just stay there for like, 2 periods then I go home. It's just not entertaining anymore. Everyday, I go in my room only to find out that we're only four or less who actually bothered to go to school. Like today, we were only four. For the first two periods, we were in the computer room. We did nothing in there. My teacher let us do what we wanted to do. After the first two periods, I wanted to leave but I waited for my boyfriend to finish what he was doing. For the next two periods, we just practiced for a play this wednesday. I couldn't take the boredom anymore so I asked my teacher if I could leave. She asked me to stay for the last practice for the day and I did. I had no choice.

Vacation's just a week away and I still haven't applied for a job. A part of me wants to work and another part of me doesn't. I guess, I'm just afraid to mess up.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lovely day today. The weather was so agreeable. My friends and I went to Vieux-Port. We were eating ice cream whilst strolling around. After, we went to my friend's house. We watched a movie and ate pizzas. I wish I wore slippers today though. I really wanted to soak my feet in the water.

Vacation, I'm waiting for you. ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

im not going to ask anything. i just want to post stuff XD peace <3

haha. let me guess. this is cheska, isn't it?

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you like candies?

Uhhh, I like Nerds..

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are you really a pirate? i'm scared.

I was a robot but my friend told me that being a pirate was cooler so yea. don't worry, i'm a nice pirate 'cause i won't make you walk the plank. ;)

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