Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ughh, I feel so stressed. I feel like I don't get enough sleep. School is really stressing me. I wish school would be easier for me.
Mon monsieur est malade. However you spell it. I apologize for my stupidity, but francais is not my forte. Our temporary french teacher is nice. really nice. She made us answer sudoku, and being the stupid people that we are, it took us an hour and fifteen minutes. rofl. I am really tired now and I don't know what to talk about to you anymore. Maybe I'll post an interesting topic tomorrow. Just maybe.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you-- we have a new classmate. a pinay, and she came from ilocos. Amoy pinas pa nga daw. lawlz. She arrived here just a week ago. Yeah, that's what she told us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

speak out

When I am angry, I blame everyone including God. I know, it's wrong. But what can I do? I was made that way. I don't like anything about myself. I always wish that I wasn't me, that I was someone else. Everyone in my world pressures me in a way. I am trivial. I am profound, my mind is profound. I am truly a pessimistic. I am inferior. I can't do the things that I want, cause something or someone always brings me down, something or someone that would cause my lack of confidence. I think I don't have a talent, but my fortune told me that some unique talent of mine will make me succeed, that gave me a tiny bit of hope. Everything is hard for me, nothing has been easy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

all i want for christmas is..

I just planned to save money so that I could buy a digital SLR camera. It will be like a dream come true if I have it. :)
I badly want it and I honestly could not wait to have it. But it would cost me a fortune. So far, I only have a few bucks. And the camera that I want costs eight hundred. I wish there is some way I could earn money. I wish I have a job.

Oh SLR, you're the only thing I need. lol.

-be`s in school.

I just finished the exercise our teacher gave us.
It was pretty easy since I know how to work microsoft word out. But we had to type our hobbies and hate in french, that slowed me down.
I hope i got the words right.

haha, that made me laugh cause how it sounds. we had to put it on the end of our exercise. it means until next time.

I`ll continue this post later, when i get home. bye!

In our french class, we had an exercise about french numbers. and wahhh! I got ten over ten. Haha. Our pictures will be taken tomorrow for the identification card, which means I have to look prettay tomorrow. KIDDANG.

I am really tired right now cause of the fact that I woke up early and slept late last night. I tried getting some sleep this afternoon, but my uncle called. So my sleep was interrupted. Tomorrow is friday again. WAHHH! I'll have day offs na naman. WOOOOO!!! I'm thinking of what should I do this coming weekends. I wanna do something fun, but I don't know what should I do specifically.

especially mathematique. But honestly, i'm kind of liking the teacher, not like like. LOL. But he really looks like frightening or it's just me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and it feels like tonight.

Time goes by so fast.
HAYYY buhay.

Anyways, in school. We had to write a paragraph thingy, presenting ourselves. And my classmate Yazan was learning some tagalog words from moi and my classmates. Haha, and also azim, i think that's his name. lol. Yesterday, he was saying tumahimik ka. But he was saying it like, "chumahimik ka." haha. We were all laughing our asses off. And yazan, had a hard time saying bintana. He wanted to say close the window in tagalog. But later, he was saying the whole sentence, "isara mo yung bintana." Someone is learning from us. lol. And yesterday, some dude asked him kamusta siya, and he was like, mabuti. HE'S GOOOD. lol

the kain part --

we ate at regie's place. We had meatballs, cake, and yema, and bread, and salad. hah. We forgot to bring the une banane, we were planning to give it to monsieur guillano. hah. I feel so stupid, cause I don't know how to spell his name. It was 1:20 when we finished, so we only had ten minutes to walk to school. We felt like we can't make it, so we ran. Fuck, I hate running. I wimped out. I cannot run, and I was running out of breath. But still, they continued running. :(
Luckily, we were not late.

When me and my friends were walking home, Joan showed us a few skateboard tricks. He did a kickflip. and he's goood. :)

OH, OH, I bought a canon photo printer today. When me and my parents got home, I rushed to my room and then set up my printer then printed many photos. :)

Photos are just my addiction, my drug of choice.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I can feel the pain. :(

We had our p.e. today. And it made my body hurt.
As I was running, I can feel the pain through my whole body. Especially, on my heart. Mom told me it's because I haven't exercised for a long time. HAHA. So I guess exercise is really important. So don't forget to do that so you will not turn into a wimp like moi. hah.

In our french class, we had to read this conversation thingy. My teacher picked me to be fedorov. Haha, I was lucky, cause I only read three lines.

Wen Jing: il fait beau ajourd'hui.
Kim: Oui, en corée aussi, il fait beau comme ça?
Wen Jing: Vous êtes coréeneÉ
Kim: Oui, je màpelle Kim. Et vous?
Wen Jing: Moi, c'est Wen Jing. Je suis chinoise.
Kim: De quelle ville?
Wen Jing: De Pékin. Et Vous?
Kim: De Séoul.
Fedorov: Moi, cèst Fedorov.
Wen Jing: Vous êtes russe?
Fedorov: Non, ukranien. L'Ukraine, c'est une ancienne république russe.
Kim: Avez-vous des enfants?
Fedorov: Oui, deux.
Kim: Moi, j'ai deux filles, Quan et Yin.
Wen Jing: Moi, je n'ai pas d'enfants, je suis célibataire.

haha, I am lazy to continue typing. hah

and oh, oh, yesterday, while I was in metro. I saw this really hot guy. He looks like ashton kutcher. YUMMY. lmfao.

Monday, September 8, 2008

je parle?

we had to go to front of the classroom to ask certain questions to our classmates. I had a hard time, and I answered a question wrong. LOL. That just proved that I am stupid. hah.


I feel so stupid right now. And I can't think of anything that would motivate me. Aila-knows-who has been running on my mind. I wonder if how is he, and is he alright. He hasn't been on for days.

I have been told that I am emo.

Yea, by my classmate. Many people told me I am emo, am I? I prefer not being labeled. All I know is I am me, and that's something you can never be. hah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Take-out food.

I had to go home today to get my things for school. As usual, it was heavy. I don't know why I did not leave my binder in my locker. My binder made my bag heavy. My shoulder hurts cause I was using a messenger bag. When I was in alexis nihon, I called my mom and asked her if she wants me to buy something from Mcdo. She said, she wanted me to, and did not tell me what food she specifically wants. So I just bought quarter pounder, fries and drinks for us both. The cashier pissed me off, cause when it was my turn to order. He left. That was rude. So I had to go to another cashier to order.

I am aggravated cause there is school tomorrow.


MONDAY na naman bukas. shitt. I am a monday hater, and a morning hater. Ang bilis ng oras grabe. I still need time to rest and have fun. Time to go back to prison tomorrow. -sigh
School is so not cool. Namomorblema na naman ako. Tapos na naman maliligayang araw ko. shocks. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE SCHOOL. akdjskhgjdadjdgjghdgdjdga
sana summer vacation na ulit. haha.

or sana half day lang ang pasok namin always. haha. that'll be like so COOL.

I really don't have a story to tell because I haven't done anything interesting today. haha.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


haven't posted a post for years.
YESTERDAY- moi and my friends hung out. We ate ice cream first then we ate rice and fried chicken, haha, yea, nauna yung desert. haha, tama ba yung spelling? I had a hard time understanding the math teacher yesterday. He was speaking french the whole time, and he was speaking and writing fast, i could not catch up with him. I am starting to hate math because of him. I feel like I have to know how to speak numbers in french. wooh, it'll be hard. I wish there was no math. :[ it was really hard. Only the girl from bangladesh understands him. additional to that, our teacher looks so scary.
oh god, why do I have to learn french?
I'm really having a hard time about everything. School's stressing and life isn't treating me right. HAYYY.
sana dito nalang ako ipinanganak, para dati marunong na ko mag-french. haha. isa pa, everytime you are gonna go to school, you'll think kung anu pang susuotin mo, kasi ala kayung uniform. haha, tapos masama pa kung maubusan ka ng damit.

GAHH, ang hirap mag-aral. ngayon ko lang nadama ang pain ng school. but, these few days, I got bravos from my professeur. haha