Monday, June 30, 2008


Haha, I can't think of a title. O.o

I woke up 7 in the morning, just to call my dear friends. I miss them dearly. awww. haha. -be's emotional. ;]
I called krishelle first, I asked for aila's, jonah's and vanessa's number. They all asked me the same questions, like, anung oras na? maganda ba dyan? anong year mo na pagpasok? it was funny.
after krishelle, I talked to aila. Iyun, kwentuhan lang about their college life and stuff.
NEXT, jonah, we talked about HER boys. haha, she has a crush who's a swimmer. I told her na she has to act na kunwari she needs a mouth to mouth resuscitation. haha. okay, tinuruan ba?

Sobrang I had fun talking to them, even it's only for a short time.
Yun, nagpost lang ako ng isang entry. I feel like my blogger is empty, I have few posts, blah, blah, blah.
It's already 11 pm, so I really need to sleep so toodles! :]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

oopsie doopsie.

I don't know what my topic should be about, but whatever. I just missed my blogger.

My psp games aren't working. SHIT.
Me and my mom went to alexis nihon to buy dinner. Haha. I bought a quarter pounder from Mcdo for my dinner. And then while we were walking, she was like, "gusto mo dun tayo dumaan sa may dawson college." so I was excited naman, kasi I know that Alex Evans will study sa Dawson College, this september. It's the opening month of classes. If you don't know who alex evans is, here are two pictures of him. Isn't he cute? haha. The wind was cold when we were walking home. It rained lightly, I expected thunderstorms though. What? you can't blame me. The tv network said there will be thunderstorms. It was 9 pm and the sun was still up.If it didn't rain, I know the sky will look like it's just in the afternoon, like 4 or 5. I haven't done my shopping yet. I know, it's lame. But mom's really busy, so she doesn't have time. She told me, that she'll be free on august. ang tagal no? so yea, I have to wait.

and.. and.. the day before that me and tita ofel went to future shop, my new favorite place. Haha. I bought the tenth season dvd of south park. it's a good thing I have money in my pocket when we went there. The dvd costs 39.99 plus tax. So all in all, I paid the dude 45 dollars. After that, I converted it into peso. haha. when we got home, we ate pizza. my favorite. :] I'm contented with my blogskin now. I had to change the font because I don' t like the font arial at all. I also forgot my pringles in uncle's car and my feet are freezing, it's cold in my uncle's house. :/ oh, oh, I almost forgot to tell the funny story. I was wandering around. And then I saw a dude, lying on the ground with only his underwear on. Haha. The people doesn't care though. I'm really not used to seeing those kind of things. It was really odd for me. haha.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm looking forward to the future, but my eyesight is going bad

First day here. The flight was boring. Mom's house is boring. Everything is boring. I was dying because of boredom.
So yeaa, I'm at sharlene's house, but she's not here. :/ she's at work. I'll visit her later. She said, 8 pm will be her break time. She called me. We went to my uncle's house, and visited his kids. Well, they are not kids, they're grown ups. haha. I'm looking forward to the shopping part. HAHA. My mom said that tomorrow we will go to the FUTURE SHOP, and I have a feeling that she'll buy me the camera that I want, DSCT300. 10. something megapixel, 5x zoom and it's touchscreen. :]

I didn't like my first day here, honestly. It's so hard to move on. And my dad's pissing me off.

Here's the end of my post.
I'll update my blog if my mom bought me a computer.

And oh, I'm dying because I don't have a computer.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

so let me tell you about my day.

2 days to go! I'm having a countdown. I feel like I really don't want to go, but I really have to. Anyways, me and kuya talked on ym! And he was like, "siguro, marami ka ng naiipon kasi nagpapadala ako sayo." so I was like, "no, ala nga eh." siya naman, "naku, ang kuripot mo talaga." Hayyy, kung alam nya lang. LOL. Maybe kaya nya nasabi yun kasi I used to save money. Tapos nung marami na, kinuha nya ng di ko alam. Pero, he gave the money back naman. HAHA.

I just bought a cake! I just ate few though. I don't feel like eating a sweet food today.

And later, I'll call my mom, and me and cheena will ask for money. Haha, we're planning to have a quality time at the mall. And we really want to watch Kung Fu Panda. Cheena told me it'll be showing tomorrow. Haha. So we are really looking forward to it. And I wish, mom would really give us money. x]

Monday, June 2, 2008

a blog for jmac

He left without even telling me. I don't know the reason why he left. He gave me a letter, and told me that he'll keep visiting my blogger, that's why I decided a post an entry for HIM.

I'll miss you, very much. I already do. I hate the fact that you left. You're one of the few people that I trust and really love. I know we have drifted apart. But you're still very close to my heart. You don't know how painful it is to see that you were gone. :[

absolute love for billy, grim & mandy.

Even though I have seen the episodes for like 245454578 times, I still enjoy watching it. I love mandy, and her hatred of the humanity. haha, she's so cool.
it's on right now, so I gotta watch it.


new everything.

Yeaa, new layout, I deleted the old entries, new chatbox, new everything. I was in the mood to work everything out. But still, I'm not so expert here. My blogger is lonely. ahuhu. 3 amigos only, I NEED MOREEEE. [; haha, BARBIE made a blogger for ME, me, ME. I'm still working on my introduction and pictures that I will put in this blog. haha, I'm too lazy right now. I'll work on it later. And plus, I need to re-install my photoshop. I haven't made that much progress on photoshop. I need to improve my photoshopping skills. ;] well, if I do have skills. These past few days have been really stressing for me. SLEEP LATE, WAKE UP EARLY. It sucks. I woke up early today because of a phone call. Then slept, my dad came home, so I woke up again, then slept again. haha, get it? Errmm, I don't know what to say anymore, so I'm out.

I'll post a new entry when I feel like it.

I wish my name was..

I wish my name was:
  • kalea
  • avery
  • avenue

My eyes have been hurting these past few days. I have been sleeping really late, and waking up early. It's june 2, 5 days to go! A part of me is excited, a part of me is wala lang. I'll be migrating to Canada. I will finally see and be with my mom. Live a new life, and start out new. So that means, I have to make new friends to survive. Unfortunately, It's hard for me to make friends because of my attitude. My things are packed, and I'm ready to go. Haha, not really.