Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm excited for tomorrow. I wish it'll be sunny tomorrow outside. :) Oh oh, I almost forgot to tell you why I'm excited, well, me and my classmates are going somewhere.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

twit or tweet?

I really love twitter. Don't you love twitter?
I know you do, I know you do.
I hope we tweet each other nicely though.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I like that picture of my mothah. I took it. >:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

une rêve.

Numbered List
Unfortunately, I really couldn't find my opus card. I have to go to McGill university to get a new one. I wonder where the heck that thing is.

Anyway, I decided to make a list of things that I want, like....
  • Of course, have a DSLR.
  • Go to Greece. I've been interested in going there from the time I've seen Sisterhood of the travelling pants.
  • Have a job. I will be actually having an interview. Summer is approaching. Can't wait!
  • Be good in math.
  • I wish I could remember things easily.
  • Go to La Ronde with my friends.
  • FIND MY OPUS CARD, I miss that thing. :| I feel so incomplete without it.
I'm going to add more, I'm out of ideas. ;)

(I'm really careful about my iphone. I don't want it to have any scratches.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Je ne l'oublierai jamais.

Qui? Il s'appelle Jean-Philippe.

Ehem, ehemm. He was the tour guide in the museum yesterday. Today in my french class, my teacher asked what did we love about the sortie yesterday. I volunteered cause I wanted to share my story. She asked, 'what did you love about the sortie yesterday, Louisa?' (in french. haha.) And then I was like, "I like the tour guide. He was hot." That was the only thing I wanted to say. I wish I would see him again. ;)

This day wasn't really that wonderful. When I was about to go out to go to school, I remembered that I need my opus, it's a card that I use whenever I ride the bus. But I couldn't remember where the universe did I put it. I missed the bus that I usually ride cause I was still trying to find my card, so I had no choice but to ride in the next one. Unfortunately, I really couldn't find it and I had to go, cause if I don't, I will be late for school. I stopped by at depanneur to buy two bus tickets. When I arrived in school, it was still kind of early. My first subject was math so it sucked. My teacher, the usual, was reading the newspaper. He has the habit of giving the thing to us when he is finished with reading it. He really likes to talk to our class something about the news. And then, he said that there's news about robert pattinson, a rumor. In the newspaper said, he doesn't really take a bath, and that he smells bad. I hope that wasn't true. The next subjects I had were french, french and a computer subject. When I got home, I made my bed and searched my room for my card, but still couldn't find it. I have to find it, cause my school ID is with it. If I don't find it, I can't go to school parties. That would suck, big time. Ehh not really, I could care less. My mom told me she would help me find it when she gets home. Wish us luck.


And oh, blog under construction.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We went to a museum today. It was kind of boring but thank God, the tour guy was hot. I love how he spoke french, and his sense of humor. I was supposed to go to urban outfitters today to buy something but my feet are killing me. My friends decided to go to my house to have some 'fun'. We're actually banned from my classmate's house because of our obstreperousness. I'm going to be alone in this house until eight anyway. I like today, it was sunny, it wasn't cold, it was a perfect time to take pictures, and a perfect time to wear the sunglasses that I bought. Ha. We'll be having another sortie next week. We're going to the museum, but it's better than school, so I am so fine with it or not...

Sorry if I haven't replied to your tags, I just don't feel like it. But I'm going to holla at you guys as soon as I feel like it, I promise.

I wish it's Sunday. :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cabane à sucre

March 18
- We had a test in math, and for the first time I felt good about the test. I know I made mistakes, but not that many like I used to have.

March 19
- We went to a cabane à sucre today. It's a place where maple syrup is produced. I did not really relish anything, well except the food. When we arrived, our feet took us into some dance floor. Teenagers were being wild, and it wasn't nice to watch them, seriously. And I also saw someone who was making out with his girlfriend. I hate it when people do that in public. We had to get out, cause it was mephitic in the room, sweat maybe. Eww, I know. We walked around and took pictures. Majed treated us for a tour that cost 2 dollars per person. We were ten so he paid twenty bucks. What a nice guy. It was just a short tour, really short. It was just a waste of money. And after, we saw this dude who looks exactly like my crush in school. Not exactly, but the way he walks, the way he looks, he just reminded me of him. In the bus, Filipinos are the obstreperous ones. We were laughing, talking, eating. Well, we were not supposed to eat in the bus cause it's verboten. So everytime this teacher stands up, we had to hide the food.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The end doesn't always justify the means.

Everybody gets used at some point or another in his or her life. In fact, we often welcome it. It is a deal we make to get what we want or what we need -- a ride to school, a ticket to the game, a hot date, a party invite. A mutually agreed-upon fair trade... usually. But feeling used is an entirely different matter. In that case, you are nothing more than a conduit for someone else's ambition. A member of their audience and a bystander in their fantasy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

noveau, nouvelle.

Yea, new blog skin apparently. I like opinions.

Today was the last time we spent a day with Alex. He's going back to Mexico on monday morning. Nakakalungkot talaga, kasi mababawasan na ako ng isang lolokohin. We gave him a big letter so we will have a little something something for him to take, and help him to remember us, in case he forgot about us. He also gave a little speech for us. Good thing that I brought my camera cause after, we took pictures of us all, for the last time. We will really miss him.

I hate it when my teacher asks me to do something for him. He always asks me if I could go to the secretary and ask them for something. I hate talking in french, to be honest with you. I also don't feel comfortable being in the secretary's office.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

  • I'm sick. This cold is really horrible, and it is also really cold outside.
  • Follow Ellen Degeneres on twitter cause I love her, and I know you do too.
  • https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow
  • There will be a spelling bee in my school, my teacher wanted me to join, but no, I don't want to.
  • He's alluring, I can't just ignore him and pretend he does not exists. He's ineluctable. Ughh, I execrate this. I'm trying my hard, but I guess it's not enough.
  • I want some succulent french vanilla coffee. <3
  • New links added. Thanks for commenting people!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am the witch of ooh's and ah's and fa-la-la's.

Why did I take a picture of a bag? Randomness, I guess. Nahh, I like this bag. This isn't mine, it's my classmate's. We traded bag for awhile. She doesn't really like my billabong bag so she's just going to let me use hers for a day. Sad, I know. She bought hers in american apparel. I'm going to buy one if my mom brings me to american apparel. Oh, inggitera. Hindi naman, sawa na kasi ako sa billabong. Haha. Tsaka, I love love love American Apparel.

So medyo epektibo na yung pag-iipon ko, 1st week ko ulit, sana magtuloy-tuloy na. Haha. May gustong gusto kasi ako bilhin ayoko naman manghingi, gusto ko narin magkaroon ng trabaho, para naman magkaroon ako ng beaucoup d'argent. (maraming pera) haha.

And oh, thank you sa mga nagco-comment ng posts ko, kahit alang kwenta. :)
At ikaw, kung plano mong gawin, don't worry, I'll do the same thing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Please just don't play with me,

My paper heart will bleed.

I love love love love love Quest Crew. They're the ABDC this season. I was euphoric. Felicitous.

Follow me on twitter
I tweet everyday, every hour, yes, even if I'm in school. I like tweeting. I've got two twitter apps on my iPhone. Haha. I know, I've got issues.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

we all want to be stars.

The idea of being revered and envied must be encoded somewhere deep in our DNA. So must the desire to reverse and envy others we imagine to be better, more accepted, and more popular than we are. The only problem is that the most necessary qualities required to be a celebrity-- self absorption, egomania, shamelessness-- are the least attractive in a friend.

Friday, March 6, 2009

so long, good luck, goodbye, you suck.

New skin apparently.
I like this one, don't you think it's fetch? Got that word from material-bitch.

Spring break is almost over. I'm supposed to do 5 exercises in my math book. Alot of things happened during this week. Uncovered truths and stuff. At least, I won't be spending my three months thinking what should I wear, what should I look like. It's okay if I walk in to school dressed like a hobo. I am so untuned. I need to do something fun tomorrow, I am forcing my mom to sign up for the club card thingy so we could rent DVDs. I want to rent 3 dvds: get smart, the benchwarmers and sisterhood of the travelling pants 2.

Going to edit my skin when I wake up tomorrow morning. I am knackered.
Au revoir.

And oh, I found out today while I was eating my breakfast that Francis M. slipped away. It's dispiriting.
May he rest in peace.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

tu me manques.

I miss summer. I miss the hot temperature. I am famished for the sun.
Mom and her friend are talking about the rihanna and chris brown issue. I find it odd, yes, yes, I do.
I love twitter, it's famazing. Even though I don't have a lot of followers. I am a nobody, I know you guys already know that.
I tried cooking palabok today, cooking isn't really my thing.
I went to this DVD rental store, spent an hour picking movies just to find out that my mom's club thingy card doesn't work anymore. great, I know.
I love the twitterfon and facebook app.
I suck at tap tap revenge.
I officially love french vanilla coffee. It's fucking awesome! I ordered a large one today, and also a muffin. Palatable.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We transform in life and we transform in love.

When we transform, we never end. We change. Not completely, but we more or less adapt our new form to our new feelings. The hardest oart about this natural process is letting go and allowing it to happen. There is a time and place for everything. A time in life to be someone, and then after that is gone, an opportunity to transform into something else.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

twit, twit, twitter.


I'm proud of my background. Yes, I did it. Follow me if you have an account, I'll do the same.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

filipino jokes.

I needed something to crack my ass up.

Nakabili ng hearing Aid si Botski.
Botski: Pare nakabili ako ng gamot para sa Bingi.
Totski: Anu pangalan ng gamot pare?
Botski: Hearing Aid daw.
Totski: San mo binili?
Botski: Kahapon Lang!

Bagong salta sa America, yung Pinoy ay gustong mag-long distance sa Pilipinas kaya dinayal yung “0 for Operator”.
Operator: AT&T. How may I help you?
Pinoy: Heyloow. Ay wud like to long distans da Pilipins, plis.
Operator: Name of the party you’re calling?
Pinoy: Aybegyurpardon? Can you repit agen plis?
Operator: What is the name of the person you are calling?
Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu and sori. Da nname of my calling is Elpidio Abanquel. Sori and tenkyu.
Operator: Please spell out the name of the person you’re calling phonetically.
Pinoy:Yes, tenkyu. What is foneticali?
Operator: Please spell out the letters comprising the name a letter at a time and citing a word for each letter.
Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu. Da name of Elpidio Abanquel is Elpidio Abanquel. I will spell his name foneticali. Elpidio: E as in Elpidio, L as in lpidio, p as in pidio, i as in idio, d as in dio, i as in io and o as in o.
Operator: Sir, can you please use English words.
Pinoy: Ah, yes, tenkyu. Abanquel: A as in Airport, B as in Because, A as in Airport agen, N as in… Enemy, Q as in… Cuba, U as in… Europe, E as in… Important and L as in… Elephant.

Pasahero: Mama, Magkano Po Yung Pasahe?
Driver: 7.50 Yung Minimum
Pasahero: (Dumukot Ito Sa Bulsa Para Kunin Yung Pera Niya, Ngunit sa Di Sinasadyang Dahilan Kulang Yung Pamasahe Niya.) Patay, Kulang Yung Pera Ko. Paano Kaya Ito? (Nag Isip Ito At Lumingon Sa Driver. Napansin Niya Na Duling Ito. Sabi Niya Sa Kanyang Sarili, Tama Duling Yung Driver Sigurado Pag Nagbigay Ako Ng 3.75 di Niya Mapapansin Na Kulang Yung Pera Ko. Kasi Doble Yung Paningin Nito. Inabot Niya Sa Driver Yung Pera.
Ngunit Laking Gulat Niya Nung May Sinabi Yung Driver Sa Kanya.
Driver: Kulang Ito!
Pasahero: Anong Kulang? Di Ba Sabi Mo 7.50 Yung Minimum?
Driver: Oo Nga 7.50 eh Dalawa Kaya Kayo.
Patay! Akala Mo Lusot Kana ha?

Paano mo sasabihin sa tao kung maitim ang kili-kili nya, na hindi masyadong bastos?
Tol, uling ba ang deodorant mo?

In the Philippines, most kids in private schools are forced to speak
English at all times. A kid who just came from the province and who
barely speaks the language tried his best to do so.
One day, the kid needed to go to the bathroom so bad but he didn't
know what to tell his teacher. He raised his hand and said, "guro,
pwede po bang pumunta nang banyo?" (meaning, teacher may I go to the
Since the boy didn't speak English, the teacher pretended that she
didn't hear him. The boy said to himself, "what should I say (in
Filipino, of course)". Then suddenly, the boy raised his hand and said, "FATHER, MOTHER, I", and quickly rushed out the door and to the bathroom.
The teacher wondered what the boy meant. 15 minutes later, the boy
came back. The teacher asked him where he went. He said that he went to the bathroom and he needed to go really bad. Then she asked what he meant when he said 'FATHER, MOTHER, I'.
The boy then explained, "FATHER in filipino meant TATA, MOTHER in filipino meant INA and I in filipino meant AKO".

*************** TATA - INA - AKO (ha, ha, ha...)

Daddy: anak,bli mo ko ng softdrinks.
Anak: coke o pepsi?
D: coke
A: diet o regular?
D: regular
A: bote o can?
D: bote
A: 80z o litro?
D: tubig na lng!!!
A: mineral o natural?
D: mineral
A: malamig o hindi?
D: hampasin kta ng walis e!!!
A: tambo o tingting
D: HAYOP ka!!!
A: baka o baboy