Tuesday, October 28, 2008

don't try to tell me what to do.

So sana makuha ko yung trabaho, kahit na one month lang ako magwo-work. At least meron, tapos yung kikitain ko dun eh, ipangbibili ko ng slr. At kung kulang man, mom said, na dadagdagan nalang niya. So yea, SANA talaga magkaroon ako ng trabaho.

Oh yea, nag-volunteer ako sa jewish general hospital nung sunday. It was fun, I guess. Pinilit lang ako ni madre, she knows I hate socializing to people. I had to do it though(socialize to people) kasi if I didn't, wala akong mabebenta. Well, I had to sell raffle tickets, two dollars each. My first three customers were filipinos. WOOO! I sold many, I can't believe it though. They were raising money for the Heart Center. They had this bazaar thingy. There were coats, shoes, dresses, and etc. Lahat ng pumapasok eh, inalok ko. Some of them just ignored me, so I was like, "okay." and then some were like, "no," and they were like angry. so I was like, "wtf is wrong with these people? I'm not forcing them to buy or anything." It was a hard bussiness, I'm telling you. I had a little help, from the security guard. Lawlz. Cause some of them only speaks french, I couldn't understand them. But the security guard did the talking. ^_^ a special thanks to the security guard. I was surprised to see Vicki there, she's full of life. And when we were finished, we had to fold the raffle tickets into quarters, after that, Beverly asked me if I wanted her to buy me something. I was like, "no." It was a volunteer work, I wanted (well, not really. Like I told you before, I was just forced. But yea, I kinda liked it.) to do it, with no return. That's the least I can do. Time was fast. People who said no, made me feel like I'm rejected or something. Haha.

I was watching AFV. This girl was afraid of chickens. She was like, "it's a lion." Her mom said, "it's not. What's that animal?" and the little girl said, "it's chicken nuggets." I was seriously laughing my ass off.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

now if she moves like this..

Je suis fatigué---
So we went to laurentides? Eh, i don't know where we went. lawlz. We were supposed to take pictures of the trees but unfortunately, when we got there, it's already dark. We stopped by at Mcdo, then after that, tinignan nila yung mga bahay na binebenta. So yun, the place was like a country. Super creepy, kasi yung tipong place na nandun yung mga serial killers, psycho killers, zombies? rotfl and another scary stuff. I thought the place was cool, but yea, it was scary though. Ang tagal din nung trip. Meron talaga kaming super cool house na napuntahan, it was thee scariest of them all. Pero ang ganda talaga, it has a swimming pool. And super creepy nung way nya, kasi ang dilim dilim talaga, puro trees pa. haha. Ayun, that's the last house na pinuntahan namin. Pabalik, medyo matagal din ang biyahe. nag-SOUNDTRIP ako. pero later, i was feeling sleepy na naman. I tried getting some sleep, pero malapit na pala kami. haha, bummer.

Monday, October 13, 2008

twilight, twilight, twilight!!

I finished the book twilight.
The time I started reading the book, I can't stop. Maybe that's why I finished reading the book fast. I just bought the book yesterday, and finished it noon today.
Okay, so I think edward cullen is hot. Even though, he's just a fictional character. I've always thought that love stories are lame. My friends know that fact. Until I read twilight. Tama si Tiffany, kasi dati nya pang nasabi na maganda yung twilight. :))Nakatulog na ko, midnight. I know I had to stop kasi I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept. Then when I woke up, I grabbed the book, cause it was just beside me, and started reading again. Kinikilig talaga ko kay edward, and everytime he kisses bella. haha. I'm gonna buy the three next books tomorrow. Feeling ko, it will take me a week finishing a book, school is now gonna get in the way. I love how edward spies on bella. haha
So nung tapos nako, I wondered what's the trailer like. I searched the trailers on youtube, and watched them for a million times. I wish it's November. Wala akong pakielam if no one will go with me, I'm gonna watch the movie even though ako lang mag-isa.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

we live and we learn.

Okay, i'm bored and I'm gonna write random things.

first--I wanna buy the twilight book NOW. But I don't wanna go outside cause of a reason, and that reason is I'm lazy. haha. as always. The women in my house are wanting me to go, cause they told me it's nice outside. haha, maghanap daw kami ng lalaki.

second--I have to do my devoir on math and français. I brought my french book cause I'm gonna read it. If I want to learn fast, I should speak, watch and read. Gusto ko naman ding matuto, kasi I have always wanted to learn french.

third--putya, ang gay ng itunes ko. Nawawala palagi yung songs ko. Shiet. I have no idea why. :/

fourth--it's SUNDAY.It's the most boring-est day of the week. I like the adjective that I used. >:) Why is it boring? There's nothing to do. There's nothing to watch, and effing stores close early today.

fifth--tomorrow is thanksgiving. no SCHOOL.! wahh!


Grabe, ang tanga ko talaga, kasi di ko nakwento yung nagpunta kami sa old montreal. :)))

Okay, so yea, me and tita primi went there. Nagkita kami sa may metro, sa atwater ng 12 o'clock. Wee, ang galing ko magkuwento ng tagalog. rotfl. And then, dumeretso kami sa old montreal, I forgot kung san kaming station bumaba. We first went to this church, where celine dion and his husband got married. I took pictures and went off to the next place. Ay di pa pala, we stopped by in a store first. It's a souvenir store. Tita Primi, I think was planning to buy something for her uncle. She's not my real aunt. lol. And then after that we went to old port, took pictures. and then she told me about this kalesa thing. They will charge you fifty bucks if you're gonna ride the kalesa. Way too expensive. And then some guy was doing this show. I can say it was quite impressive. He was really good at juggling things, and riding this tall unicycle. He was hilarious too, in additional to that. When the show was finished, we went to some vietnamese restaurant cause the woman I was with was hungry. She ordered spring roll, beef soup, and fried imperial. The spring roll wasn't good, but the beef soup and fried imperial was. okay, so nung we were full na, she payed the bill and we headed off to downtown cause she will buy books pa. While we were searching for the book that she wanted to buy, I saw this book. So yun, I bought it. Nakakainis, kasi I forgot to buy twilight. After buying the books, we went to centre eaton cause we wanted to window 'shop'. rotfl. We went to american apparel, I wanted to go to american eagle outfitters though. But after that, we just went to zara instead. I bought something cause it was SALE. wahahaaa! I can't spend, spend, spend money. If I want to buy an slr, which I think won't happen cause it's freaking expensive, I have to save money. But buying clothes is like the sweetest sin. Eh, idk. Basta yun, after that, I was like, ayoko na. Kasi I know I'm gonna spend more, and more. kaya yun, bumalik na kami sa atwater. Then, I remembered my mom asked me to buy onions. So we went to iga, and bought onions! And after that, I went home na. Tita primi was with me, cause she wanted to drop off to mom's first. So yeaa, yun. haha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

-be's old.

nagpapaka-fag ako sa aking laptop, and then I found this.

St. Joseph, the most amazing and most beautiful church I have ever been to. Going there was exhausting, there were alot of steps, but it's worth it. I have enjoyed going there, seriously. The place just blew me away. It was so sacred and holy, and BIG. There were a lot of people, and it serves as a tourist spot. The people were taking pictures here and there. You sure want to keep those memories when you go there, trust me. You can see the whole Montreal [; which makes it more amazing. haha. After that, we went to downtown. We were there for awhile. We walked, and walked, and walked. My feet were KILLING ME, and I'm serious about that. Most of my friends know I hate walking. Downtown was also big and you sure wanna do shopping, if you have the money. haha. I enjoyed the eating part though. We always eat chinese food!! I love fried rice, and I think it's called general tao chicken, or whatever it is. It's freaking delicious man. When we got home, I rushed to the tv and turned it on. Guess what?! it was so you think you can dance, it was the finale. AWWW. The show again, just blew me away. It made me untouchable. I couldn't get my eyes off the tv. Joshua won, but I think four of them should be the winners. I hope I could dance like them. The greatest thing about the show tonight is the judges picked their favorite routine and the dancers will dance it for the last time. I was stoked when Katee and Joshua danced No Air, it was freaking GENIUS AND AMAZING MAN. I couldn't be happier when I was watching it. It was the routine I was waiting for the judge to pick. And when the show was over, I was like, "awww, la na kong papanoorin tuwing wednesdays and thursdays." It was so sad.

Okay, so I was being old, cause I forgot to post that. ^^^

weekend life.

I downloaded few icon textures and just finished making two icons.

I'll add more later.
You can take whatever you want. I'm sure no one would take them though. lawlz. I'm just bored that's why I'm making icons. If you'll take it, leave a tag? I guess.

these are the other icons
feat. jessica alba, mary kate olsen, hanna beth, and audrey kitching

answers that we'll never find.

Okay, so we had an exam on mathematics. Man, it was freaking hard. I think I'll get zero as a score. Whoops. :O I really had a hard time on answering those questions. Oh, oh, and our math teacher got mad, I don't know why though. He was speaking french, blahh, blahh, blahh, and he just said BULLSHIT. and then I was like, "ftw?" Why did he get mad?
And then the next day, we had p.e. First, we played, 'football', but we didn't do the violent stuffs. lol. we were all girls for pete's sake. After that, we played soccer. I kind of had fun, 'KIND' of had fun. I'm getting the hang of soccer though. P.E. was our last subject for the day. We have no school on monday and tuesday. monday is thanksgiving day. oooh, turkay! and tuesday, because of a thing called, 'pedagogue.' but tita betty said, it's cause of it's election day, but whatever, the important thing is we have no school on tuesday and mondayyy.

I added pictures on my multiply.
The album is set to public.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the day's too long.

My school was alright, could be better though.
I talked to kristine today on the telephone. It's her mom's birthday.

oh man, i have homework. :|
I have to do this graph thingy. and I have to make this family tree thingy.

I'm reading this book, and man I like it.
It's all about high school, popularity, teen stuff. lawlz.

I have to be ready for our math test on thursday. I'm in the duxieme level, so it'll be hard. I have to study about a thing called, 'percentage.' Yea, that word is new for me. lol.
I think mom's singing the videoke. I don't really feel like eating right now. I don't know why.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

save me.

Oh man, i am so bored right now.
I couldn't think of anything to do. I wish it's monday again. I like mondays. fuck that. Haha.
I'm watching that's so raven, and it's all about when this girl discriminated raven for being black.
Anyways, I haven't eaten my breakfast yet. I woke up at 7 and man, I'm still lazy to get up. I need someone to talk to. Or maybe I'll just do my homework latah.
I'm starting to unlike french, cause man, I'm fed up.
I had a great week. cause of my motivationHAH.
cause yesterday, nung papasok ako, he was sitting dun sa malapit sa pinto, siya lang mag-isa. awww.. and nung lunch namin, nandun sila nung friends nya sa may hallway. and nung pabalik na kami ng school, andun naman sila sa labas. Pauwi na kami, when i looked back, andun pala siya. He was smilinggggg. yiihhh. I don't know why though. rotfl.

Oh, excuse me from posting this kind of post?.